January 3rd, 2018

Starting with the pre-Transnational project meeting and the networking lunch. The main programme of this day consisted of the plenary session with all participants of the Conference and all students-players of the World Cup of College Hockey. The president of the EUHL officially opened the "Conference on Dual Career of European students-athletes: Time for a change " with his welcome speech and opening words. Subsequently, the President of American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA), Mr. Paul Hebert, and the director of hockey operations, Mr. Mo Stroeml, introduced the history and functioning of ACHA, followed by the President of Russian Student Hockey League (SHL), Mr. Anton Khramtsov with his presentation about recently established SHL and its structure and challenges. This session was concluded by the presentation of the President of European University Hockey League (EUHL), Mr. Jaroslav Straka, about past five seasons of the EUHL and its projects and events.

After the Q&A session, the press conference was held at the hotel LUX, the main venue of the Conference. The speakers of the press conference were Mr. Martin Turčan (vice-mayor of Banská Bystrica), Mr. Paul Hebert (president of ACHA), Mr. Anton Khramtsov (president of SHL), Mr. Jaroslav Straka (president of EUHL), Mr. David Kasal (MP from Czech Republic) and Mrs. Marta Pečeňová (chairperson of the Expert Group of Governmental Committee for people with disabilities).

After the Conference part of the day, the second match of the World Cup of College Hockey took place in Banská Bystrica between EUHL selects and SHL selects with match result 2:4 for SHL selects.

Pre-conference meeting with Erasmus+ project partners –  Please find the presentation here

Official opening and welcome speech (Jaroslav Straka, president of EUHA)

Transnational experience sharing in organizations of university hockey leagues
Moderator: Katarina Stolarikova

American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) -  Paul Hebert, president of ACHA

ACHA - PRESENTATION: Please find the presentation here.

Mo Stroemel - Director of hockey operations

Student Hockey League (SHL) - Anton Khramtsov, president of SHL

SHL - PRESENTATION: Please find the presentation here  

European University Hockey Association (EUHA) - Jaroslav Straka, president of EUHA

EUHA - PRESENTATION: Please find the presentation here.

Press conference of the Erasmus+ project media


Networking event - Hockey game at the hockey stadium in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia - EU selects team vs. SHL selects team

EU selects team vs. SHL selects team – 03.01.2018